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In order to construct Flown From the Nest , I have needed to consult a number of sources.

Books and Journals

When I first created Flown From The Nest in 1997, the most useful book that I consulted was Mike Davage's excellent Glorious Canaries: Past and Present 1902-1994 . Published by Norwich City Football Club and retailing at £14.99, this book should be on the bookshelves of every Norwich City football fan. Heck, it should be on every football fan's bookshelf. ISBN: 0-9523857-0-8.
Mike Davage draws heavily upon his earlier book Canary Citizens: the Official History of Norwich City F.C. which he wrote in conjunction with John Eastwood in 1986. Published by Almedia Books of Sudbury, Suffolk, it is out of print but if you see a copy in a second hand bookshop (such as John Eastgate's Extra Cover shop in St John's Wood, London) then I would recommend its purchase. Canary Citizens was updated and a second edition published at the end of 2001 to celebrate Norwich's centenary. Although by then the player records within Flown From The Nest records matched the relevant information contained within, some updates were provided. I would highly recommedn purchasing this book as it provides a complete and thorough histry of Norwich City's first 100 years. Published by Jarrold Publishing (ISBN 0-7117-2020-7), it is available from the Norwich City club shop and other book shops in Norwich.

often contributes every year to the Official Norwich City Handbook . He writes a column called Canaries on the Wing that covers the exploits of Norwich players who have left for pastures new. Other useful entries in the handbook include player profiles, a review of the previous season and club statistics. The book can be bought at any of the club's shops and at Sportspages, Britain's specialist Sports bookshop. Sportspages is at Caxton Walk, 94-96 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0JG.

ultimate football reference book must be the Rothmans Football Yearbook which is well worth the £17.99 that it currently retails at.

For the non-league scene, I have found useful The Interlink Express Ultimate Book of Non-League Players 1997-98 by Steve Whitney. Retailing at £9.99 and published by TypeStart Publishing, it covers every player in sthe Vauxhall Conference, Dr Martens, ICIS and Unibond leagues plus many more. ISBN: 0-9531258-0-7. The Non League magazine (formerly Team Talk) and the Non-League Paper have proved invaluable for their coverage of non-league players

Possibly the
most useful source of all has to be the Pink Un, a Saturday afternoon sports paper published by Eastern Counties Newspapers of Norwich. It covers not only Norwich City but also King's Lynn and the Jewson Eastern Counties League. Norwich City matchday programmes also hold invaluable information. I would list the various suppliers and dealers of older programmes but you might purchase them instead of me, depriving me of that snippet about a 13yr old youth team player from 1984 !

Electronic Sources

There are many Internet sites dedicated to football and I have searched many of them for details of former Canaries. I will not attempt to list them all but within each entry in my clubs' directory, there is a link to official website. The one site that I must mention is the Official Norwich City website. They also run an email based news service.


Norwich City Websites

Official Norwich City Football Club website
Canary Corner (part of the Rivals network)
Capital Canaries (London based NCFC supporters club)
On the Ball City (Unofficial NCFC website - part of the Footy Mad network)
The Pink Un (also covers Kings Lynn, Jewson Eastern Counties League, Anglian Combination)

General Football Websites

E-soccer - English soccer links database
Football 365 - flippant look at British football
FIFA - the world's governing body for football
The Nationwide Football League - the official website for the league in which Norwich plays
Teamtalk - updated daily with the latest news/speculation from every Premiership and League club
The Unoffical Football Transfers website - the place to go to find out who has moved clubs

Non League football information

The Non-League Paper - the definitive source for non-league news
The Jewson Eastern Counties League - the local league for Norfolk's leading amateur sides
The Ryman League - a non-league that contains a remarkable number of ex-Canaries

Official Norwich City website

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