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Jonathan Dore

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Norwich Career: 1997/98 (Associate Schoolboy)
Current Club:
Date of Birth:  
Nationality: English


Jonathan Dore was a goalkeeper from Stepney who was an Associate Schoolboy with Norwich in 1997/98. He later played for West Ham, QPR and the England Under-15s before injury ended his career.

However he would later hit the headlines in a more infamous way when he was jailed for life in 2003 for killing the best friend of model Jodie Marsh. Jonathan had become besotted with an older woman and so strangled Kim Banyard, the mother of their ten-week-old son, on her 22nd birthday because he had fallen for a 30-year-old receptionist.

After the murder, Jonathan recruited the help of his father, Steven, 44, who despised Kim, and the pair industrially cleaned the house before wrapping up her body in two green bin bags, the Old Bailey heard. The body was loaded into the back of a VW Golf and taken to a freshly dug grave near a building complex in Bow. As the callous pair unloaded the corpse from the boot of the car they were spotted by police officers driving past the site.Officers jokingly asked what was in the bag, to which Steven replied: "It's a body if you open it." Police later found an axe and three kitchen knives in the car. Jonathan, described by his own defence team as a "bragging, macho Jack the lad", fled the scene and then spun a web of lies in an attempt to conceal the murder.

He wanted it to appear that Kim had deserted him and their son so that he could start a new life with Nicola Mallon, the woman he had just met. A jury found Dore, formerly of Ayres Close, Plaistow, now of Campbell Road, Bow, guilty of murder. Steven, who was a Scout and swimming coach as well as a community fundraiser, was jailed for five years for his role in covering up the murder.

Jonathan's life had changed dramatically over the last few years. Aged 10 he was hailed as a hero when he rescued his sister from drowning in a river. Aged just eight, his sister Elizabeth was cycling with Jonathan and father Steven by the River Lea at Carpenters Road lock, Stratford, when she lost control of her bicycle. She and the BMX plunged into the water which was 15ft below the bank's edge. As her frantic father tried to remain cool and swim to the side, Jonathan solved the problem of how to get her up the sheer wall. He ripped out fencing staves held by wire and made them into a makeshift ladder. Back in 1989, Jonathan and Elizabeth raised more than £1,000 through a sponsored swim for Hackney Children's Hospital and the Intensive Babycare Unit at Newham General Hospital in Plaistow. Elizabeth weighed only 4lbs 4ozs when she was born, but care at Newham General saw her through.

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