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Darren Gill

Darren Gill
Norwich Career: Youth team  
Current Club: Hindolveston (coach / chairman / manager)
Date of Birth:  
Nationality: English


The Wroxham FC website described midfielder Darren in the following format. "Joined from Fakenham. Played for the Canaries early in his career and on his day is one of the best grafters in the league." Darren also played for Norwich United before joining Fakenham and then Wroxham.

At the end of January 2003, Gill was appointed caretaker manager of Wroxham following the resignation of their joint management team Marty Hubble and Peter Smith. Replaced by Bruce Cunningham as Darren didn't want the job full time. His commitment to Wroxham in 2003/03 was in doubt due to work commitments and he was linked with a move to Holt United. He ended up staying with Wroxham until the end of December 2005 when he teamed up with former Wroxham manager Bruce Cunningham at Norwich United; Darren having made only three appearances during the 2005/6 season for Wroxham.

Gill and his brother Matt runs Premier Racquets & Fitness in Sedgeford

Gill set up Hindolveston football club so his sons could play football and by July 2011, the club had grown to five teams – under-8s, under-9s, under-10s, under-11s and under-13s – all of which play in the North East Norfolk Youth League. On top of that, each Saturday morning up to 50 young children of all abilities go along for fun football training sessions.

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