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Hugo Hansen

Norwich Career: Trial (December 1989)
Current Club: Frøyland (Norway)
Date of Birth:  
Nationality: Norwegian


Thanks goes to Dag T. Hoelseth of the Scandinavian Canaries supporters club for this information.

Hugo Hansen was a Norwegian international (5 caps) who came on trial to Norwich in December 1989 and played two reserve team matches. He suffered the same fate as New Zealander Wynton Rufer in that he signed a contract with Norwich but was refused a work permit as Norway was not part of the European Community.

Hugo started his career with Bryne, then moved on to Molde. Later he joined Rosenborg but was allowed to trial for Norwich. When this didn't work out, he went to Trondheim, got injured in one of the last training sessions before the 1990 Norwegian season started and was out for the rest of the season. He never got into the team and ended up at Bryne. In recent years, he had more or less retired, only turning out for Bryne FK's Old Boys team

Before the 2006 season, he signed for Norwegian Third Division side Frøyland despite being 38

Hugo won the Norwegian Cup with Bryne in 1987 and reached the finals with Viking in 1989 (lost to Molde) and Rosenborg in 1991 (lost to Strømsgodset).

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