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Lee Howlett

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Norwich Career: 2001-2006 (Academy)
Current Club: Norwich United (Ridgeons League)
Date of Birth: 22/10.1986 (Norwich) 
Nationality: English


Tall right sided midfielder Lee Howlett was in the Norwich City Under 15 squad that won the Northern Ireland Milk Cup in August 2001. At the time, he attended Hellesdon High School and had joined Norwich at the age of eight.

Lee was offered a scholarship at Norwich's academy in December 2002. He accepted and became a full time scholar in July 2003. Sammy Morgan said in the summer of 2003 that "He can play, spray the ball about and bring other people into the game and what's more he can score goals. He's an interesting prospect and we think a lot of him."

David Williams said at the beginning of the 2005/6 season that Lee was a positive player who "needs to stamp his authority on the games he plays in and that in turn will make people sit up and take notice."

Unfortunately Lee was not offered a professional contract by the Canaries in April 2006 and spent the remainder of the 2005/6 season at Kings Lynn. After pre-season training began, Lynn manager Tommy Taylor said "I've been very impressed with the other Norwich youngster (Lee Howlett). He's a big strapping lad with a great engine and a nice range of passing."

Lee played for Wroxham in their July 2006 pre-season friendly against Wivenhoe, signing for them at the end of that month.

Lee remained at Trafford Park until August 2008 when he joined Norwich United

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