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Dr John Iga

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Norwich Career: 2021- (Head of Data, Strategy and Innovation) 
Current Club: Norwich City (Head of Data, Strategy and Innovation)
Date of Birth:  
Nationality: English


John Iga joined Norwich as Head of Data, Strategy and Innovation in June 2021.

He told the club’s official website: “The key focus is really bringing together our data strategy and innovative activity across the club, from the first team right the way down to the Academy; delving deeper, understanding what we’re doing at present and trying to find ways to leverage advantages to help the teams and players develop in accordance. I would say it’s about trying to out-smart our opponents and really out-think them to give advantages that can help us achieve our goals. As a club, we are different to our Premier League rivals. They have different ways in which they can find solutions, perhaps spend more money. The way we are structured, what goes in has to be effectively spent, to try and make sure the club stays in the Premier League and we produce a pipeline of young players to be in our first team. By identifying areas whereby we can leverage advantage and aggregating those small advantages gives us the opportunity to be even more competitive.”

From 2008 to 2012, Iga was Head of Academy Sport Science and Medicine at Wolves, during which time “we designed and implemented a performance lab - the first in the UK.” He then joined the Football Association as Head of Sport Science, working across all the national teams.

He then moved to Huddersfield as Head of Performance Services co-ordinating sport science, medical, physio, nutrition, soft tissue programmes across all the teams.

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