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Clayton Lewis

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Norwich Career: Trial (2014/15)
Current Club: Wanderers SC (New Zealand)
Date of Birth: 12/2/1997 (New Zealand) 
Nationality: New Zealand


New Zealand midfielder Clayton Lewis had trials with Norwich, Crystal Palace and Millwall during 2014/15

Lewis began his playing career at the age of 13 at his father's club Wellington Olympic, making his debut eighteen months later alongside his father Barry. He soon established himself as a regular in the Olympic midfield, coming to prominence in the 2013 winter season when Olympic reached the semi finals of the Chatham Cup (losing to eventual winners Caversham) and finished second in the Central league. That exposure led to him being drafted into the Wellington Phoenix Academy and subsequent time with Team Wellington. Positive reports from there convinced New Zealand Under-20 coach Darren Bazeley that Lewis should be part of his set up.

In 2014, he cut his ties with Wellington at the suggestion if Bazeley and joined Wanderers who play in the ASB Premiership. "I love this environment", said Lewis. "I'm 18 now and playing with some of the best players in New Zealand. I never would have thought that was possible as a little kid."

At the age of 18, he was called into the New Zealand full international squad for their 30th March 2015 clash with South Korea.

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