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Mick McGuire

Norwich Career: 1975-1983 (203 appearances, 12 goals)
Current Club: Retired
Date of Birth: 04/09/1952 
Nationality: English


My memory of Mick McGuire is scoring a penalty against him whilst on a Junior Canaries coaching morning at Trowse way back in the early 80s. He said something along the lines of that I had a deceptive shot. Unfortunately for me, my shot often deceived me and hence I have a career as a Librarian rather than as a professional footballer.

Mick's playing career as a midfielder took him to Coventry (72 games, 1 goal), Norwich (203 appearances, 12 goals), Barnsley (47 games, 6 appearances), Oldham (69 matches, 3 goals) and Blackpool (no first team appearances). He cost Norwich £60,000 in January 1975 and he stayed, with the club through to March 1983 when he joined Barnsley.

Mick is currently the Deputy Chief Executive for the PFA (Professional Footballer's Association). This was a shared role with Brendan Batson until July 2002 when Batson left to become Chief Executive at West Bromwich Albion. McGuire is now the sole second-in-command at the PFA.

McGuire left the PFA in mid-March 2009 amid reports of a breakdown in relations with chief executive Gordon Taylor. The Professional Footballers' Association then revealed that McGuire was dismissed following allegations of bullying

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