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Stuart Muff

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Norwich Career: Youth Team (1988-9)
Current Club: Retired
Date of Birth:  
Nationality: English


Stuart Muff was a goalkeeper with the Norfolk Youth Team for many years in the mid to late 1980s and trained at Norwich City’s Center of Excellence. After watching a Sunday League game in which Stuart played for Harford Tornadoes, Keith Webb approached him to join the Norwich City youth team. Following my few weeks training with the Norwich City Youth team, my one appearance was as goalkeeper against Portsmouth City Youth, which we won (at Trowse) 3-2

However Mike Walker chose Jason Batty to be the regular youth team keeper and Stuart left City. After an unsuccessful trial with Lincoln City, he then gave up football

Stuart wrote to me saying "Music was my other passion along with football and following many years in sales and management and then building my own VoIP telecoms company, I decided to take the plunge into music and produced a ‘Best Of The 80’s’ outdoor concert in summer 2005 and started managing singer Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot, setting up a heritage record label and signing Right Said Fred’s album (which we then never actually released!). I still run my own double Grammy Award winning record label, Megafan Records, with signed artists Chaka Khan, with whom we won for “Funk This”, ‘Best R&B Album’ and ‘Best R&B performance by a duo (with Mary J. Blige)’ Grammys in 2008, Curiosity Killed The Cat (now re-formed and on tour in Europe 2010) and ‘Ivor Novello’ Award Winner and several time singer with Artful Dodger, Robbie Craig. Working with amazing artists like Chaka Khan and developing projects like her up-coming retail clothing line and “Here Come The Girls” tour is fantastic"

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