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Elliott Myles

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Norwich Career: 2022- (Academy)
Current Club: Norwich City (Academy)
Date of Birth: 20/01/2007 
Nationality: Welsh


In October 2021 Norwich City's Elliott Myles was part of the Wales' Under-16s squad for the Victory Shield.

He has also been capped by England at youth level.

He made his first appearance for Norwich's Under-18s on 13th August 2022 and scored his first goal for them two weeks later against Leicester.

In November 2022 he played for Wales' Under-16s in the Victory Shield against Ireland and Scotland.

He was announced as part of the 2023 academy scholar intake by Norwich on 7th July 2023.

He signed his first professional contract for Norwich on 23rd January 2024 shortly after turning 17. Norwich warded off interest from Premier League clubs to secure his signature. He said "I feel overwhelmed. It's good to be rated by the club and how highly they think of me. I appreciate everything they've done for me so far. I'm always grateful for the opportunity. There's things that you can't take for granted, especially at a club like this. Especially as I've been here since I was 14, with all the chances they've given me. That shows the trust and belief they have in me. I feel like I've started off well. I feel like I've progressed this season, playing with the Under-21s. I think quicker now, with challenges in each game. I scored my first goal for the Under-21s against Charlton recently, and there's more to come." Three days later he started for the Under-21s in their clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford.

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