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Greg Oates

Greg Oates
Norwich Career: Youth
Current Club: Stanway Rovers (Thurlow Nunn Eastern Counties League)
Date of Birth: 03/10/1981
Nationality: English


Arsenal youth team player Greg Oates was originally approached to play at Highbury whilst at under-12 status. Hailing from Maldon, Essex, he instead opted to spend time with local sides Norwich and Ipswich before eventually succumbing to the lure of the Gunners and signed on schoolboy terms with them at the age of 14.

Greg returned to Essex in January 2002 joining Colchester United on trial. He was accompanied by other Highbury youth products with John Halls and Graham Barrett joining Colchester on loan. Returning to Highbury, Greg then joined Sheffield Wednesday on trial in March 2002. A similar trial was embarked upon with Leyton Orient at the end of March 2002. Greg was next spotted playing for Margate in a pre-season friendly against Dover (The Non League Paper 4th August 2002)

Greg was called up for the England National Game XI (the semi-professional international side) for their 11 February 2003 friendly against Belgium. He spent five years with Margate.

By 2013, Greg was with Stanway Rovers. He had played for Billericay and Chelmsford City

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