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Arne Økland

Norwich Career: Trial (February 1980)
Current Club: Retired
Date of Birth:  
Nationality: Norwegian


Dag T Hoelseth of the Norwich City Supporters' Club of Scandinavia provided me with this information about another Scandinavian player to have a trial period at Carrow Road.

Arne Oekland is a Norwegian international striker who scored 11 goals for Norway, his first coming against Belgium in September 1978 and the last being a double strike against Romania in August 1986. He scored against Scotland in October 1978, got the winner against Wales in June 1984. Arne has played in Europe for Bayer Leverkusen and Racing Paris besides Norwegian sides Bryne, Vard and perhaps also Viking. (Dag is to check on this). Arne was assistant manager for the national team under Egil Olsen until 1994. He is currently commentating on football for Norwegian TV

Oekland's trial at Norwich was in February 1980.

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