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Martyn Pert

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Norwich Career: ???-2003 (Under 14 coach)
Current Club: Manchester United (Assistant Coach)
Date of Birth: 22/11/1977
Nationality: English


Martyn Pert was a coach with Norwich City's Academy training their Under-14s until 23 May 2003 when he signed a two year contract with non-leaguers Cambridge City as their academy coach working with Jez George. Martyn has an MSc in Sports Science and as part of his degree, he has visited Milan and Ajax to observe their coaching techniques. He had also been a youth team player at Norwich.

Martyn left Cambridge City in June 2003 to work as the fitness and conditioning coach for the New York Yankees from September for 6months. After working with the Yankees, Pert will join up with another of America's most glamorous clubs, switching to basketball. He said: "After that, I'm off to LA to do a similar position, but
shorter-term, with the LA Lakers. Then I'm going to Brazil for a bit of a trip round there."

On his return to England, he took up a postion with West Brom and was replaced at Cambridge City by their former Peterborough player Richard Scott.

Martyn also played for Great Yarmouth Town, signing for them in the summer of 2003 from Dereham.

Martin later worked at Fulham and Watford before joining Aidy Boothroyd as Assistant Manager at Coventry on 8th September 2010

Pert was sacked as Coventry's Assistant Manager, along with Boothroyd, on 14th March 2011 following a run of only one victory in fourteen games that left the Sky Blues just seven points of the relegation zone.

Pert has also been an assistant coach in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf for 13 months from the summer of 2011, working with the national team and Peter Taylor.

Pert then joined Cardiff City as part of Malky Mackay's coaching team.

In December 2013, Pert was hired then fired, due to a change in ownership, as head coach at El Nacional, Ecuador's biggest club, before he'd even met the players. He was offered the El Nacional manager's job on 12 December by the club's military owners only to be told three and a half weeks later, and three weeks before this Saturday's start of the Serie A season, that the 13-time Ecuador champions had been taken over by a hedge fund company called Monaco Capital Group and that they wanted to hire a Spaniard, the little known Manuel Tomé Portela, to the post.

"They decided to get rid of me before I'd even had a chance to properly meet the players, which is a bit of a disaster. I was never officially informed that I was no longer the coach – after the president offered me the job they just stopped contacting me directly and told my agent that Monaco Capital Group wanted to bring in their own person. In truth, coaching in South America can be volatile at the best of times – clubs change their manager regularly, often after just one year, so I may not have lasted that long anyway."

He joined Carl Robinson's coaching team at Vancouver Whitecaps on 26th January 2014, working as assistant coach / fitness coach with Robinson, his assistant Gordon Forrest and goalkeeping coach Marius Rovde. he remained at the Whitecaps until October 2018 when he and Robinson were both sacked.

In September 2019 he was appoitned as Assistant Coach at Manchester United.


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