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Tony Powell

Norwich Career: 1974-1981 (275 appearances, 5 goals)
Current Club: Retired
Date of Birth: 11/06/1947
Nationality: English


Tony Powell was one of my favourite players when I first started attending matches at Carrow Road. I liked his commitment, skill and ability to go forward to link with the attack. My interest in football coincided with the end of his Norwich career that had begun in August 1974 with a move from Bournemouth in exchange for Trevor Howard. Yet another example of the link between Norwich and the Cherries !

Bristol-born, Tony played for Lawrence Weston Boys, National Smelting FC and Bath City as an amateur before joining Bournemouth. Football was not his only love as he was a keen boxer and a bantam weight champion. He eventually chose football rather than the ring.

He made his league debut for Bournemouth in September 1968 as substitute against Watford and his full debut against Mansfield in December 1968 against whom he scored. He established a tradition of scoring on his debut when netting for Norwich after 48 minutes against Blackpool on 17th August 1974. However in his following 274 appearances for the Canaries, he was only able to add another 4 goals. He was named Player of the Year in 1978/79.

He moved to the USA to participate in the NASL (North American Soccer League), joining San Jose Earthquakes in March 1981 until August 1982. Later he spent time with the Seattle Sounders (May 1983 to August 1983)

It was widely believed that Tony was living as a woman in the USA. No-one is quite sure whether he has had a sex change or is living as a transvestite. All that we can say is that his lifestyle is considerably different from that of a boxer or a defensive hardman. However after this story was reported in even the national press at the time of Norwich's centenary, the Mail On Sunday carried an interview with the 55-year-old, who they had tracked down to being a hotel manager in Hollywood. He was quick to laugh off the rumours. "It's ridiculous," he said. "I don't know where all this started. I am all bloke. I've never worn a frock in my life. I'm the least likely man to have a sex swap."

After divorcing his wife, he now shares a flat with a male friend, but insisted: "I promise I'm straight."

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