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Greig Shepherd

Norwich Career: 1979-1983 (19 appearances, 2 goals)
Current Club: Retired
Date of Birth: 29/09/1960
Nationality: Scottish


My memory of Greig Shepherd is visiting the Hewett school sports pitches one summer to watch the Norwich players preparing for the new season. It was Greig's last day in Norwich before moving on loan to Eastern Athletic of Hong Kong. I remember Greig being in tears and also myself asking my father why Greig was upset and leaving. My father looked rather embarrassed as I asked, maybe a little too loudly, "Why is he going? Is it because he isn't good enough ?" Greig - if you're reading this then I apologize.

Greig began his career as a schoolboy with Glasgow Rangers where he won Scottish Youth caps. Although he had trials with both Hibernians and Hearts, he opted to join Norwich City in March 1979. He scored 4 reserve team goals in the remainder of that season but was unable to displace Justin Fashanu. 20 reserve team goals in the following season led to a Norwich debut in the FA Cup against Wolves in January 1980, followed by a league debut against Notts Forest. In total, he made 19 appearances for the Canaries, scoring twice.

After Fashanu departed, Greig had a spell in Ken Brown's first team but was overlooked in favour of Keith Bertschin and John Deehan. He spent a year in Hong Kong with Eastern Valley before joining Southend for whom he scored 11 goals in 53 league matches. A similar tally (14 goals in 55 matches) for Peterborough (1984-1987) preceded a move to amateur football as a knee injury forced him to retire. King's Lynn, Unity Emeralds, Wroxham and Eynesbury Rovers have all benefited from Greig's goals.

Away from football, he has worked as a publican and is currently working as a police officer in Aylsham and running the Aylsham Wanderers boy's football team for whom his son Cameron plays. Daughter Logan is also showing promise and is playing for the Norwich City Community Player Development Centre.

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