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Malcolm Webster

Norwich Career: 1998-2000 (Goalkeeping Coach) 
Current Club: Ipswich Town (Goalkeeping Coach)
Date of Birth:  
Nationality: English


Malcolm Webster was Norwich's goalkeeping coach in a position shared with Ipswich and Cambridge. This agreement ended in early August 2000 when the former Abbey Stadium legend took up a full time position at Portman Road. In January 2001, Nigel Worthington and George Burley came to an agreement which would see Andy Marshall and Robert Green spend two days a week with Malcolm.

When Richard Wright was negotiating a move to Arsenal in June/July 2001, he wanted to take Malcolm with him - however this proved awkward with the Gunners who already had specialist goalkeeping coaches in place.

When Webster left school, he went straight to Arsenal, and graduated to be Bob Wilson's understudy. He moved on to Fulham, Southend United and finally Cambridge United where he won a Division Four championship medal. After retiring from football Malcolm had a spell away from the game. He was
asked back by George Burley (then at Colchester) to help coach the keepers. This he did on a part time basis, he later performed the same duties for
George at Ipswich, where he coached Craig Forrest who was a Canadian international, whilst coaching at Luton (then Kelvin Davies) Crystal Palace
(then Kevin Miller and Carlo Nash) Peterborough United (then Ian Bennett and Fred Barber) before joining Norwich City (then Andy Marshall and Robert Green)

Malcolm continued to work at Ipswich, developing and coaching the club's keepers and reckons there is a real prospect in the making in teenager Shane Supple.

Malcolm since moved on to Southampton but re-applied for the position at Ipswich in June 2008, which eventually went to James Hollman

He returned to Ipswich as goalkeeping coach in the summer of 2011

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