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In November 1996, Canary fan Sam Durrant and owner of Norwich art shop Artique commissioned a potrait of a Norwich City dream team - a line up of legends. Artist Patrick Loan produced this piece of work which generated much debate within the Norwich community. Those selected were invited to attend a special reception following the final home season of the 1996/97 season against Manchester City on April 26th 1997. Many of them did attend provoking many happy memories amongst the Carrow Road faithful.
Here then is an alphabetical listing of those players. As my web site only attempts to document those playing for Norwich City in some capacity since 1980, some of these do not have full entries on this site. Brief descriptions can be found further below.

Terry Allcock
Forward 1958-1969
389 games, 127 goals
Ron Ashman
Defender 1947-1963, Manager 1963-1966
662 games, 56 goals
Terry Bly
Forward 1956-1960
67 games, 38 goals
Ken Brown
Assistant Manager 1973-1980, Manager 1980-1987
Steve Bruce
Centre-half 1984-1987
180 games, 21 goals
Barry Butler
Defender 1957-1965
349 games, 3 goals
Ian Crook
Midfield 1986-1997
418 games, 24 goals
John Deehan
Forward 1981-1986, Manager 1994-1995
199 games, 70 goals
Robert Fleck
Forward 1987-1992, 1995-1998
292 games, 84 goals (as of 16/1/98)
Ken Foggo
Forward 1967-1973
201 games, 57 goals
Duncan Forbes
Defender 1968-1980
357 games, 12 goals
Johnny Gavin
Forward 1949-1954, 1955-1958
338 games, 132 goals
Bryan Gunn
Goalkeeper 1986-1998
474 games (as of 16/1/97)
Kevin Keelan
Goalkeeper 1963-1980
673 games
Ken Nethercott
Goalkeeper 1947-1959
416 games
Martin O'Neill
Midfield 1981, 1982-1983, Manager 1995
75 games, 13 goals
Martin Peters
Midfield 1975-1980
232 games, 50 goals
Bernard Robinson
Half-back 1931-1949
380 games, 14 goals
Dave Stringer
Defender 1965-1976, Manager 1987-1992
499 games, 22 goals
Mike Walker
Manager 1992-1994, 1996-1998
Dave Watson
Defender 1980-1986
256 games, 15 goals

Terry Allcock began his career at Bolton Wanderers after being a succesful schoolboy star. 31 games for the Wanderers in 5 years encouraged him to seek pastures new and to Carrow Road he came in March 1958. Originally a forward, he later played as a half back thus limiting his chances to add to his goal tally og 127 goasl. Later became youth team manager and chief coach for the Canaries before joining Manchester City in 1973 as coach.

Ron Ashman was not only a long-serving player for Norwich but also a manager. Originally with Peterborough, he signed professional terms with Norwich in January 1946. He made 662 appearances for the Canaries, first of all as a striker then as a wing-half. He became Norwich manager in December 1963, having acted up as such the previous year. He lasted in this position until June 1966. He later managed Scunthorpe (twice) and Grimsby.

Terry Bly came to Norwich in August 1956 from Bury St Edmunds. He made only 67 appearances in yellow and green but scored 38 goals. Moved on to Peterborough in 1960 then to Coventry in 1962 before finishing his professional career with Notts County in 1963. In 1964, suffering from cartilage injuries, he became manager of non-league Grantham Town

Barry Butler tragically died in a car accident in 1966 just after being appointed player/coach of the Canaries. The player of the year award is named after him. Born in Stockton-on-Tees, Barry beagn his career with Trials at Middlesborough and Dundee before joining Sheffield Wednesday. After 26 games, he joined Norwich in August 1957 and was a first team regular at the centre of defence until 1965. Injuries however foreced an early retirement and the shortlived coaching position

Ken Foggo joined Norwich from West Bromwich in October 1967. The winger made 201 appearances in total for Norwich before joining Portsmouth in January 1973. He later played for Brentford, Southend and Chelmsford City.

Johnny Gavin was a City star from 1949 to 1958 when he made 338 appearances and scored 132 goals, Norwich's football league record. Had a spell with Tottenham midway through his Canary career (1954-55). Gained seven Irish caps before joining Watford in 1958. Later played for Crystal Palace, Cambridge City, Newmarket and Fulbourn

Ken Nethercott was one of Norwich City's great goalkeepers (see Kevin Keelan, Chris Woods and Bryan Gunn). Originally with Cardiff City as an amateur, he joined Norwich in April 1947, making his debut the following september. By the time of his retirement in 1959, he had made 416 appearances for City. His retirement was forced by a disloacted shoulder during a clash with Sheffield United in the great FA Cup run of 1959. Ken later played for Wisbech and Gothic.

Bernard Robinson played as right-half for Norwich from 1932 through to 1949, making a total of 380 appearances. Previously with King's Lynn, Bernard played for no other side that the two Norfolk teams mentioned.

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