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Norwich City Milk Cup Squad 2003

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Norwich City have announced a squad of 22 that will compete in the Northern Ireland Milk Cup later this month. The squad is as follows:

Liam Hembling, Paul Wheeler, Rossi Jarvis, Aradavan Djahansouzi, Andrew Howell, Adam Fuller, Robert Lawrence, Archie Lamb, Glen Thrale, John Bell, Patrick Bexfield, Michael Spillane, George Jermy, Chris Martin, Adam Mills, Seb Muddel, Jamie Clarkson, Rhys Clapham, Michael Hilton, Jack Floyd, Kane Taylor and Tom Martin.

The team will be accompanied by six members of staff. They are: Academy Director Sammy Morgan, Coaches Gary Butcher, Dick Mills and John Revell together with physio Terry Smith, and the Rev. Arthur Bowles.

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