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Rune Johansen

Norwich Career: Trial (November 1998)
Current Club: Nybersgund IL (Norway)
Date of Birth: 04/09/1973 
Nationality: Norwegian


Norwegian Rune Johansen is a 25 years old central midfield player who played for Norwich City Reserves against Luton Town on 19th November 1998. He gave an excellent performance in that he got forward well, was tenacious in the tackle and worked hard throughout.

Manager Bruce Rioch said after the game that he would sit down with the rest of the coaching staff in the next day or two to discuss the next move regarding Johansen and the other Scandinavian triallists (Jesper Mattson and Ivar Ingimarsson.

Rioch decided not to purchase any of the trio. Rune later joined Norwegian Premier Division side Kongsvinger as his side Sogndal had been relegated. Hereturned to Sogndal at the end of October 2000. Rune has also played for Moss.

On 11th December 2003, Rune signed a three year contract with felow Norwegian side Ham Kam. According to reports from Dag T. Hoelseth, there was talk that Rune Buer Johansen will play for Danish SAS League side Silkeborg IF on loan. Nothing came of this move but in February 2005, Rune embarked on a trial with Swedish side IFK Gothenburg.

He joined Nybersgund IL for the 2007 season

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