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Apologies for the lack of updates in July 2001 but I was busy getting married and on my honeymoon. I trust that this is a reasonable excuse ! We'll be updating the site for the start of the new season but will also spend the next two months revamping the site in preparation for it's fourth birthday in October.

3rd July 2001

Recent Updates
DAVE FLEMMING to return to Enfield ?
ANDY MARSHALL joins Ipswich
MIKE MILLIGAN linked with Shrewsbury
SPENCER PRIOR in dodgy Welsh sheep joke !
ROBERT SMITH joins St Albans
ANDY THEODOSIOU returns to Harlow
MICK WADSWORTH joins Southampton.
MALCOLM WEBSTER wanted by Richard Wright at Arsenal.
BOBBY ZAMORA in 2million Welsh connection
French striker and Wolves midfielder in talks with Norwich

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