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Welcome to Flown From The Nest , the website dedicated to former players and managers of Norwich City Football Club.

This website is dedicated to all those followers of Norwich City who have ever wondered what happened to a former player. I aim to answer all of those "Where are they now" questions that haunt so many conversations between football fans. Hopefully this website will be of interest to football fans who support clubs other than Norwich City. In transfer dealings over recent years, ex-Canaries have landed at nearly every league club and a significant number of foreign and non-league sides. If you are a supporter of one of these teams, you can find out more about that player your team fields/fielded that once played at Carrow Road.

Alternatively, one can use this site as a unique and different perspective on recent footballing history. Programme Editors and Webmasters of other football sites are welcome to use the textual information contained within this site but credit must be given to Flown From The Nest, and a link back provided. This site was previously hosted by Geocities and was launched in October 1997.

Therefore this web site attempts to include biographical details on all players who have ever worn the Yellow and Green strip of the Canaries (Norwich City's nickname for the uninformed whilst The Nest was Norwich City's stadium prior to their move to Carrow Road in 1935 ).

It doesn't matter whether they were first team regulars, played a single friendly or reserve match whilst on trial or were youth team starlets that didn't make the grade - I intend to cover them all. The only limit is that they must have played for Norwich since 1980 which is the year that I started following the fortunes of my hometown club. I needed to impose some sort of constraint otherwise this project would never be completed. Those seeking historical and/or biographical information about the club prior to 1980 are recommended to purchase Mike Davage's Glorious Canaries (1994) or Canary Citizens (1986, reprinted in 2002) by John Eastwood and the aforementioned Mike Davage. Other sources used to construct this site along with useful website links can be found here

The site is divided into 5 main sections

1. PLAYERS - the bulk of the site contains the biographical details of these former Canaries. Approximately 800 players are represented on the site. These include:

Please note that I do not have contact details for any player listed on this site

2. CLUBS - this section concentrates on the relationship between Norwich City and other football clubs, showing which players have played for both Norwich and any of the other 91 Premiership / Football League clubs. [Click for CLUBS]

3. NEWS - the News pages provide a quick update as to what has been happening with the careers of former Canaries. We try to update the News page on a weekly basis [Click for NEWS]

4. YEAR-BY-YEAR shows transfers and squads for each season. [Click for YEARS}

5. FEATURES - this final section contains articles concerning former Canaries. These include "legendary team line-ups" and reviews of past-seasons from a "Flown From The Nest" perspective. [Click for FEATURES]

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