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28th July 1999
New Additions
ULRIK DROST plays for Norwich on their Swedish tour.
Recent Updates
ALEX ALLEN rejected by Carlisle
MARK BOWEN is on trial with Bristol City.
PAUL HAYLOCK joins Maidstone United.
JAMIE HOYLAND linked with Hull City
MARK PAUL proves very popular with Division 3 sides.
MARK ROBINS goes French with Walsall.

20th July 1999

Recent Updates
ALEX ALLEN and MICHAEL WATT both head northwards for trials.
MARK PAUL is said to have evolved from a Canary and a Saint into a Tiger (Hull City)
CHRIS SUTTON has a disapointing start to his Chelsea career.
MICK WADSWORTH adds a Carribean aspect to his career.

15th July 1999

Recent Updates
GARY MEGSON takes over at Stoke.

12th July 1999

New Additions
SHAUN CARR freed by Canaries.
Recent Updates
NEIL ADAMS rejoins Oldham
MARK BOWEN linked with move to Fulham
PAUL COOK signs permanently for Burnley
DAVE FLEMING to return to Enfield.
JEREMY GOSS to return to Scandinavia ?
PETER HOLCROFT on trial with Wrexham
SCOTT MEAN returns to Bournemouth
PETER MENDHAM replaced by SHAUN HOWES at Wroxham.
DANNY MILLS hopes that the Canaries are eating "humble pie"
MARK ROBINS hopes to join the Saddlers of Walsall.
CHRIS SUTTON signs for Chelsea for 10million
DARREN TERRINGTON embarks on second trial at Carrow Road
MIKE WALKER pipped to the Bristol City post by Tony Pulis

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