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29th November 1999
Recent Updates
TRYM BERGMAN has further trials in England
JAMIE CURETON is a wanted man....
JOHN GREGG and BRIAN DONAGHEY make moves in Northern Ireland.
NICKY HAYDEN joins Heybridge
GARY MEGSON to sharpen the Blades ?
SPENCER PRIOR to return to East Anglia ?
DAREL RUSSELL linked with move to the Premiership
STEVE SCULLION joins Cliftonville.
DAVID SMITH to leave Stockport ?
ROBERT TAYLOR'S Hearts Attack turns him Blue.

24th November 1999

New Additions
MARK SCOTT of the 1991-1994 Youth Teams
Recent Updates
GED MURPHY joins Stafford

20th November 1999

New Additions
ROBERT SMITH joins Baldock Town.
Recent Updates
MALCOLM ALLEN moves into management.
MARK BARRY, OLIVER SQUIRES and ANDY THEODOSIOU join new Rymans League clubs.
PETER HOLCROFT joins Morecambe where he teams up with ANDY FENSOME.
JAMIE HOYLAND joins Altrincham.
LEE KERSEY released by Tottenham but joins Enfield.
MIKE WALKER linked with Scottish job.

16th November 1999

New Additions
TRYM BERGMAN and MICHAEL HANSSON play for Reserves against Ipswich.
ANDREW CROOK and ROBERT SAVAGE claim to have played for the Canaries' youth sides.
MATT FINLAY plays for Norwich City Under 19s

Recent Updates
STEVE BRUCE moves onto Huddersfield's board of directors.
JAMIE CURETON linked with move to Spurs.
SIMON DAVIES in demand from the Premiership.
ULRIK DROST scoring regularly in Denmark.
MARCUS LING joins Corton.
MARIO LONGO joins Wroxham
GARY MEGSON sacked by Stoke City.
PETER MENDHAM drops into the Anglian Combination
JAMIE MITCHELL has joined Clyde.
LEE POWER in big-money move to non-league football
DANNY RAFIS rejoins the Canaries.
WYNTON RUFER'S Football Kingz are starting to impress.
DANIEL SHITTU plays against Norwich City.

5th November 1999

New Additions
This week the focus seems to be on young defenders:
JORGEN HAMMERSLAND plays for Reserves
PAUL HOBBS of Hastings
GREG OATES of Arsenal
DANNY REEVE of Chelmsford
Recent Updates
TESFAYE BRAMBLE interests Luton and Colchester.
KORI DAVIS is on the move again.
MARTIN ELDRIDGE quits Boston United
JERRY GOSS leaves King's Lynn as CHRIS CLEAVER arrives.
BEN WEBSTER has another game for Norwich.

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